training at the
Modern Ethnic Design Center.

The certification at the Modern Ethnic Design is a training course for Cambodian designers and entrepreneurs to learn about combining Cambodian design elements with international trends.

The programme started in 2017.

A   key   element   of  the  collections created by participants of the MEDC  is the integration of sustainable materials and fair production, as well as inclusive production. MEDC's trainers originate from the well-known Fashion Design Institut in Düsseldorf, Germany, and are coming to Phnom Penh to teach the participants new ways of designing. At the end of the course 10 of the designers get the chance to showcase their products and designs to the European Market by being selected after the annual fashion show, enabling them to sell the designs during the trade fair Bazaar Berlin in Germany. The 1-year training course takes place on 2 days a week and is intensified and supported through individual consultation.

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